Welcome, to my new kick butt site!  Take a seat, prop your feet up, and stay awhile.  Enjoy exploring and leave me some love if you wish ;)


Griffin. Newborn.

I am going to sneak in a blog post while my little babe is sleeping and Harlow is trying to feed the dog… so really… this may be quick.

Introducing… Griffin.

You can’t tell how in love momma and dad are, can you?  ;)

Griffin is one lucky little boy.  He just got the sweetest, happiest momma ever.  BUT…. I think Les thinks the same of Griffin unless it is during the 9-12 questionable time.

Oh goodness… he is all kinds of perfect.

Pretty excited that I got to share this BIG life moment with them.. but now back to keeping track of my own little nuggets.


The Schwietermans

Hi Again… I’m back!

Sharing a pretty fun session tonight and a BIG reminder to get your family sessions booked – I will only be taking appointments until late October or November!

I love these cute sisters.  I am pretty happy Harlow will have a sister come November :)  YES, if you don’t know already, this IS an announcement!

Sorry Loraine, I hope I’m not stealing your thunder here ;)

My very favorite image!  Now a 30×40 canvas in their entry – that makes me heart happy!

They are pretty… but that is all for tonight!

My brother and his cute family.

So I’m a little biased but I think this is quite the cute family.  Ryan, I know you are smiling from ear to ear and letting this go to your head, don’t.  I am speaking mostly of Lena.. lol


One of my very faves :)

Sweet Lena Lou!Love you guys.

Blogging again.. Knapke Family.

Surprise surprise..I have another post for you.

I was so excited when I found this location and these four worked it out!

I think this little lady should be a model.


Hope you all have a super, long,  Memorial Day weekend.  I will be sweating my butt off by the pool and working a crazy awesome wedding!


The Goettemoeller Clan

Here is a cute group of kiddos that I am pretty fond of!

Getting these 4 kids interested in me is quite the feat… so we are calling this session a success.

Stay tuned for more to come – I have some catching up to do!