Welcome, to my new kick butt site!  Take a seat, prop your feet up, and stay awhile.  Enjoy exploring and leave me some love if you wish ;)


The Schwietermans

Hi Again… I’m back!

Sharing a pretty fun session tonight and a BIG reminder to get your family sessions booked – I will only be taking appointments until late October or November!

I love these cute sisters.  I am pretty happy Harlow will have a sister come November :)  YES, if you don’t know already, this IS an announcement!

Sorry Loraine, I hope I’m not stealing your thunder here ;)

My very favorite image!  Now a 30×40 canvas in their entry – that makes me heart happy!

They are pretty… but that is all for tonight!

My brother and his cute family.

So I’m a little biased but I think this is quite the cute family.  Ryan, I know you are smiling from ear to ear and letting this go to your head, don’t.  I am speaking mostly of Lena.. lol


One of my very faves :)

Sweet Lena Lou!Love you guys.

Harlow is 3.

Well, it is June 6th, Harlow’s birthday!  I really cannot believe my sweet girl is turning 3.  She is seeming so old and time seems to just keep going faster.

We celebrated the big “3” on Saturday – so I’m sharing some images of her Dora Fiesta.

Candy bags for the adults.

Super awesome Dora cake by Boutique Sweets… And yes, it tasted as good as it looks :)

Backpacks for the kiddos to fill with the massive amounts of candy.The whole shebang and pretty, candy buffet set up… Thanks to our good friend, Danielle, of DD Maries.The birthday girl.To say the least, she was excited for her party.Then to make the night even better, Dora showed up… Who would have thought?And she got a jeep… lucky girl.Making a wish…

Thanks to all who helped, came, and celebrated.  It was a birthday *I HOPE* Harlow doesn’t forget :)

Spending the rest of the day taking our cutie to do her favorite things… on the top of her list – McDonald’s and Pizza Hut!

The Goettemoeller Clan

Here is a cute group of kiddos that I am pretty fond of!

Getting these 4 kids interested in me is quite the feat… so we are calling this session a success.

Stay tuned for more to come – I have some catching up to do!


Hello! Welcome!

Welcome!  YAY!

We are live.  Whoa.  This has been a long time coming and I am excited!  Second Street Creative really rocked my world, helped me through some minor meltdowns, and came up with this kick A@# site.  It really is pretty amazing. However, it wouldn’t have taken much to beat the empty blog that has been my place holder since “the crash” this past summer – but it truly takes the cake.  Have I mentioned, I love it!?

Maybe one of the best features, besides everything, is the blog is integrated.  So it will force me to actually blog and stay up-to-date.  I pretty much have epically failed at that, but I have a husband and photo friends who will disown me if I don’t keep to it … so stay tuned.

GO. Check it out.