Welcome, to my new kick butt site!  Take a seat, prop your feet up, and stay awhile.  Enjoy exploring and leave me some love if you wish ;)


Hello! Welcome!

Welcome!  YAY!

We are live.  Whoa.  This has been a long time coming and I am excited!  Second Street Creative really rocked my world, helped me through some minor meltdowns, and came up with this kick A@# site.  It really is pretty amazing. However, it wouldn’t have taken much to beat the empty blog that has been my place holder since “the crash” this past summer – but it truly takes the cake.  Have I mentioned, I love it!?

Maybe one of the best features, besides everything, is the blog is integrated.  So it will force me to actually blog and stay up-to-date.  I pretty much have epically failed at that, but I have a husband and photo friends who will disown me if I don’t keep to it … so stay tuned.

GO. Check it out.